F O R • P R O T E C T I O N

metaphysical mist

grand fir • mandarin • white sage


A beautifully and carefully blended spray with purposes of cleansing energy and setting intentions.

grand fir » used for grounding/centering; for protection, prosperity, healing, vitality, creativity, and communication.

mandarin » used for banishing negative energy; for confidence, abundance, prosperity, and success

white sage » used to cleanse and purify.

clear quartz » used to amplify energy and thought, to ward off negative energy, and to balance physical, mental, and spiritual senses of self.

118ml  (4 fl. oz) 


Mist the desired amount into the air, on the body, or on surfaces prior any spiritual practice, or to cleanse negative energy from spaces and surfaces. Suggested use is before and after yoga practice, tarot readings, and meditation.
For maximum benefits, we recommend charging/blessing this product monthly by placing it either on the ground or on a natural surface outside during a full moon. Allow the moonlight to bathe this product overnight, then allow this product to charge in the morning sun for a few hours the next morning. 


Keep out of reach from children and/or pets. Refrain from exposing this product to heat and direct sunlight. Thoroughly clean any spills as it may damage delicate surfaces.


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