G O O D • M O R N I N G

room + linen spritz

golden rose • white tea • ginger • saffron


236ml  (8 fl. oz) - to be used to freshen rooms and linens. 


Create a cloud of mist in every room you desire. When using on linens/fabrics, mist from a distance - approximately 8 inches away for maximum coverage.  While safe on most linens and surfaces, spot testing is recommended.

Our favorite way of using this spritz is to mist it onto our shower curtains and then take a warm shower. Your washroom will smell heavenly!

Each bottle lasts approximately 1-2 months depending on frequency of use.


Keep out of reach from children and/or pets. Refrain from exposing this product to heat and direct sunlight. Thoroughly clean any spills as it may damage delicate surfaces.


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