P A L O • S A N T O

holy wood incense


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palo santo, also known as "holy wood", grows on the coast of South America, and is used to purify the mind, body, and home by expelling negative energy and inviting positive vibrations through smoke cleansing. 


palo santo » invites grounding energy + promotes emotional regulation


begin by lighting the tip of the palo santo until it catches fire, then blow out the flames to begin the smoldering (smoking) process. once you've completed the ritual, gently blot out the stick by pressing the smoldering end into a heat-safe dish, or allowing it to extinguish on its own. if you continue to notice that the stick is still smoldering, use a small amount of water to extinguish and allow it to completely air dry before re-lighting. 

common places to purify: over and under beds, corners, dark spaces, couches, windows, doors.

how to cleanse an individual: slowly pass a smoldering stick of palo santo along all areas of the body, beginning at the head and ending at the feet. use caution! do not allow the lit/smoldering end of the palo santo stick to come into contact with the body as it can cause harm.


to prevent fire, never leave lit and/or smoldering sacred wands unattended. place on heat-safe surfaces only.


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